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What was Merchandise really like?

Hello gang!

So as most of you know, I worked in Walt Disney World this past summer in the merchandise department. I absolutely loved my role and working in Future World ended up being the highlight of my summer !

However, if I’m being honest with myself, I was really not that hyped up about my role when I first got it …

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When I opened my acceptance letter and found out my role, my heart did sink a little as I had been hoping to be allocated in attractions. Throughout the entire process, I had imagined what it would be like to operate a ride at WDW and how cool that would be so it was no surprise that I was a bit bummed.

But then I done a bit of googling and found so much information about working in merchandise. I found some blogs and some YouTube videos of past cast members and their experiences within the merchandise department and it completely changed my perspective! They gave me so much more hope about working in this role and settled all nerves I had prior to going to Florida.

So I thought I would share my views on the role! (With the input of a few of my fellow cast members)

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In my personal opinion, the pros outweigh the cons 100x over! The fact that I was able to speak to guests all summer about their vacations and where I came from (whether they thought I was from Ireland or not) made my experience working for the mouse even more special!

There were multiple times when I was having a really bad day. I was missing my family, it was too hot, and I simply did not want to move from my bed. Nevertheless, I would get up and go to work and know that I would finish an eight or ten hour shift feeling incredible as I was able to interact with so many guests and make their vacation special.

One story always sticks in my mind. I was standing at work talking to one of my leaders, Brad, and we started speaking to this family. They started telling us that their hometown had just been struck by a hurricane and they did not know how their pet was and they were trying not to let it affect their vacation. While my leader spoke with the parents, I started playing with the two little princesses and gave them each a piece of candy to enjoy. The family then left feeling a little bit happier and I had had a small part to play in their vacation.

So in summary…

Merchandise is a great role so throw yourself into it fully! 

If you do have any questions about the role, then feel free to comment below or contact e via my instagram page – tashainafairytale!

See ya real soon guys,

Natasha xo