Tell everybody I’m on my way!

So the big day had finally arrived.

17th June.

I had absolutely no sleep as it was my hometown Gala Day fireworks the night before, and I had to leave my house at 3.15am the next morning. I was ridiculously tired but just ried to power through until I got to the airport.

Then 3.15 came and it was time to leave my little house for 3 months. I had said all my goodbyes to my family and friends in the lead up to leaving and it still had not hit me that I was going away.  So off we went to the airport and in all honesty I felt nothing. A tiny bit of excitement but that was about it. We played Disney songs in the car to try and get me excited and eventually we arrived at the airport at around 3.35 am.

Once we were parked we went inside where I was meeting the rest of the girls I was flying with and their families. This was great as all the mums got a chance to chat to each other and that was exactly what my mum needed. We talked for a long time and got loads of pictures with everyone.

Then it was time for us to go up to departures and get ready to leave. My mum gave me one final cuddle and it all hit me. I got a bit emotional and didn’t really want to leave her. Most of you will know that my mum and I are the best of friends and this was the longest we were ever going to be apart. We both knew that this was the most amazing opportunity for me however, and we knew that we were both just a call away.

So all 5 of us went up to security and through to departures. We went to the Weatherspoons and had some food and got ready for our first flight to London Gatwick. Our first flight was fab with the cabin crew even referring to us as the “Minnie mouse exchange group” wishing us luck once we landed!

Now it was time for Flight #2 and by this time had been awake for more than 24 hours. I needed my sleep! I started watching “Moana” and 10 minutes in I was asleep.  We then had a shuffle around of seats so that some of us could watch “Newsies” and once again I fell asleep. My friends thought it would be hilarious to balance a cup on my head and it was so funny!

Then 9 hours later we landed! We navigated our way through customs and finally arrived at the magical express. From their we went on to our hotel for the night!

That is where I will leave it today. There are hundreds of stories I still have to tell but not enough time to tell them so I will try my best!

See you guys soon !

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So, what am I ACTUALLY doing?

So if you read my first post, you will know that this summer I am getting to be living my life long dream of working in Walt Disney World in Orlando. I will be working there for just under 3 months and if you have not guessed yet – I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED !

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But how exactly did I get this opportunity? And what will I actually be doing?


What am I doing?

I am taking part in the Disney Cultural Exchange Programme, which is a Disney international programme which lets university students from around the world to spend their summer break working at Walt Disney World in Florida.

The exchange programme offer a number of roles for you to work in whilst out there which include:

  • Character Attendent
  • Character Performer
  • Costuming
  • Custodial
  • Quick Service Food and Beverage
  • Lifeguard
  • Merchandise
  • Operations
  • Recreation

While I am out there I will be working in the merchandise department which means I will be working in the shops around the Disney parks. I am super excited to be in this role as I am going to get soooo much guest interaction and I cant wait to make people happy.

In the past few days of being here my location has been confirmed and so I am going to be placed in …. EPCOT! Specifically, I am going to be in the Future World area and I am super happy!


How Did I Find Out About This?


Someone from the year above me in university had done the programme last year and I kept seeing her posts on social media. From there, I done some investigating of my own. I searched for YouTube videos and on Google which eventually led to me finding the official Disney International Programme webpage. I applied through The Walt Disney Company and was directed to a company called Yummy Jobs.

Yummy jobs are the UK representatives for the Disney International Programme and deal with the applications and interviews for the programme.  They are a fantastic company with lots of different opportunities. For any more information on this fab company click the link below:


The applications open around the start of July and close around the end of August/early September. I am hoping to upload a blog post specifically about the application process so keep an eye out for that.

But for now that is me, I will be uploading some blogs describing the whole process as well as updates on my life here in Florida, so keep following me so you can catch up with my Disney adventure.

Speak soon guys xo

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My Disney Adventure!

Hey there guys!

So, most of you will know, but if you don’t then let me tell you something…



(No joke guys, I was way worse than this when I found out)

After a very long process last year, I finally found out that I had gotten the job to work in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Now that it is finally time for me to leave, I have decided to start a blog to keep track of my little adventure. I am super duper excited to share my Disney journey with you all, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

This is getting posted the night before I leave for Florida and I am on such a high! After a few hiccups when choosing my seats, I have had a lovely relaxed day and just can’t wait to meet up with my friends and fly away.

I should be posting a new blog every week (fingers crossed) so follow me on my social media to keep track !

See ya real soon guys !