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Final Interview

So a couple weeks after the pre-screen group interview, I received the long awaited email to tell me I had been selected for the final interview!

Screenshot (2)

Me as soon as I found out I had been selected for a fnal interview

So after having a little celebration dance, I sat down and selected the date and time for my final interview. I chose the Monday at 9am so that I was able to enjoy my time in London afterwords. We also had to complete a role checklist where you ranked the roles available from High Interest to No Interest. Here I put Merchandise, Attractions, Character Performer and Character Attendant as High Interest and ranked the other roles lower.

From there all I had to do was wait. It was about 3/4 weeks until the final interview and I had to organize flights and hotels for when I was down in London. Thankfully, my mum had decided to come down with me for support and so we turned the trip into a holiday.


The Lead Up to the Interview

The sunday before the interview came quickly and suddenly I found myself sitting on a plane on my way down to London! I was so excited and nothing was going to ruin this for me.


Mum and I had a day exploring London on Sunday and then we came back to the hotel to prepare for the final interview.


The Day of the Interview

I woke up on the Monday morning, bright and early so I could make myself look as nice as possible. The hotel was only a 10 minute walk away from our hotel, but even still we left 30 minutes before my interview time so I could stop and have a small cup of tea to settle my nerves. It came time for me to head to Disney HQ and I said goodbye to my mum and headed on in.

Disney HQ was more than I could imagine. It was the most amazing experience of my life and the interview did not even feel like an interview. Once you were taken upstairs, they measure you if you are interested in being a character performer. From there, they check over all your paperwork to make sure everything is sorted out.

You are then taken up individually to speak to a Disney recruiter. Some things that my interviewer and I discussed were:

  • Where I had traveled from
  • Did I have any tattoos?
  • Did I have any piercings?
  • What was I studying at university?
  • What work experience did I have?
  • What were my top roles and why?
  • Why I applied for the program?
  • Have I lived with other people before?
  • How would I be able to handle the heat?

Like I said, the interview felt very informal. It felt more like having a conversation with someone rather than feeling like I was being interviewed. I think this was an advantage in the end as I was truly able to just be myself and show the recruiter just how much my love for Disney shone through.

I then came out of my interview to have a wonderful day meeting up with my best friend and having an amazing holiday with my mum. Let’s just say that long weekend was one of the most memorable and precious times that I have had in a long time and I am very thankful for it.

That’s all for me just now. See you real soon.

Tasha xo

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Pre-Screen Interview

So I finished my application on 14th September 2016 at 9.30 am, just a few days before applications closed and found out that I was successfully through to the next stage at 1.30 pm that same day!!

Screenshot (1)

My interview was due to take place on the 29th September at 2.15 pm down at the Yummy Jobs office in Essex, London. To say I was excited was an understatement.


I found a few other girls to fly with including someone on the same course as me at university. We all flew down in the morning and got an Uber to the offices in Essex in perfect timing for the interview. We were even able to go to Costa and meet some of the other people waiting for the interview which was lovely!

The Interview

Once we got into the Yummy Jobs office, we met Anna, Luke and Adam who were going to be the ones interviewing us. They done a short presentation to everyone about what the programme consisted of and it only got me more and more excited about the possibility of doing the programme. Then it was the serious part. They split us up into small interview groups of around 7/8 depending on what team we got when we came in (Go Team Scar!).

giphy (1).gif

My interview was led by Adam who was so lovely and made the interview so easy. we started off with an icebreaker. We all selected a starburst and depending on the colour we were each asked a different question. I chose the orange starburst and I had to say where my favourite destination I ever visited was. I then went on about how I had recently visited Shanghai and was lucky enough to go to Shanghai Disney. This was a great topic as it struck up conversation with Adam and the other people in the group interview.

We were then asked some generic questions which included:

  • What is your motivation to do the program?
  • How would you cope with the long hours?
  • What are your top role choices?
  • An family waited 2 hours in the rain to discover their child is too small to go on the ride, what would you do?
  • How would you deal with homesickness for yourself and your roommates?
  • How would you deal with a messy roommate?
  • Which Disney character would you most like to go to tea with?

Each interviewer asked the same questions roughly but maybe worded them in a different way. No matter what they done everything the could to make sure you were comfortable and were enjoying the interview process.

If you are looking to do the program, prepare rough answers to these questions! I had looked on blogs prior to the interview and felt so prepared that the answers came naturally to me. DO NOT MAKE IT SEEM REHEARSED THOUGH! They are looking to see if you have the initiative and personality to make it in Disney World.

My biggest advice for this interview is to smile and make your personality shine through! Act like yourself so they get to know the real you. It’s a fun experience and the people are all so lovely.

Anyway, that’s all from me!

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Application Process

After finding out some information about what the CEP actually was I decided to apply. So, first thing first was the online application.

Yummy Jobs

I applied quite late as I was on holiday in China for the majority of August. I applied as soon as I returned and just before the cut off for applications. I initially applied through the official Disney website and was then referred to the Yummy Jobs website. I’ll link that below if anyone is interested in applying for the program.


There are some requirements for the program which you must have in order to apply. These are:

  • You must be able to speak fluent English
  • You must be 18 years old at the time of applying
  • You must be enrolled in college or university


Personal information

The first thing the application will ask is some qualifying questions which make sure you are eligible to participate in the program. These questions confirm the requirements above and ensure you have a valid passport.

The application then moves on to asking you for some personal information including; your name, phone number, address and all the essentials. This bit is just like filling in a normal application.

You are then asked to upload a profile picture of yourself. When I first saw this, I assumed that it had to be a serious business formal photo or a passport photo. After doing some research on some other blogs however, I discovered that this was not the case. Most people actually upload a nice smiley picture to give of a great first impression. I uploaded the following picture to my application as it was still very smart but a little bit of my personality came through.

I was asked to also put down emergency contact information, so just put down my mum and all her different bits and bobs.


The Long Questions

So the next section was the hardest in my opinion. We were asked two different questions which required a little bit of thought. The first question asked was;

“Why do you value cultural exchange and interaction”

Seeing as this was the Disney Cultural Exchange Program, this question was pretty important. You have to outline why culture is important to you. Talk about why you love learning about different cultures and why you love your culture as well! Also mention why you think working at Disney world would help you learn about different cultures and how you would teach others about your culture.

The next section goes on to talk about whether you have any tattoos or piercings. You have to be truthful here as it could be damaging to your application if they later find out.

You then upload your CV and you cover letter at this point. I would advise that you try and make these documents oriented to customer service and Disney as much as possible. I made a separate CV and separate cover letter to ensure that I covered these areas.

The final question they ask is;

“What is your motivation for this program”

This is the section where you are really trying to sell yourself on why you love the company. This question took me the longest to answer. I spent about a day making sure that I had included everything I wanted. You can use up to 1500 words so you can really sell yourself in this section.

And that was that! The online application was completed.

I hope that this has been helpful to you all 🙂 I am hoping to write up a few more posts on the application process so please let me know anything you might want to know!

See ya real soon !



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My Disney Adventure!

Hey there guys!

So, most of you will know, but if you don’t then let me tell you something…



(No joke guys, I was way worse than this when I found out)

After a very long process last year, I finally found out that I had gotten the job to work in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Now that it is finally time for me to leave, I have decided to start a blog to keep track of my little adventure. I am super duper excited to share my Disney journey with you all, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

This is getting posted the night before I leave for Florida and I am on such a high! After a few hiccups when choosing my seats, I have had a lovely relaxed day and just can’t wait to meet up with my friends and fly away.

I should be posting a new blog every week (fingers crossed) so follow me on my social media to keep track !

See ya real soon guys !