Application Process

After finding out some information about what the CEP actually was I decided to apply. So, first thing first was the online application.

Yummy Jobs

I applied quite late as I was on holiday in China for the majority of August. I applied as soon as I returned and just before the cut off for applications. I initially applied through the official Disney website and was then referred to the Yummy Jobs website. I’ll link that below if anyone is interested in applying for the program.


There are some requirements for the program which you must have in order to apply. These are:

  • You must be able to speak fluent English
  • You must be 18 years old at the time of applying
  • You must be enrolled in college or university


Personal information

The first thing the application will ask is some qualifying questions which make sure you are eligible to participate in the program. These questions confirm the requirements above and ensure you have a valid passport.

The application then moves on to asking you for some personal information including; your name, phone number, address and all the essentials. This bit is just like filling in a normal application.

You are then asked to upload a profile picture of yourself. When I first saw this, I assumed that it had to be a serious business formal photo or a passport photo. After doing some research on some other blogs however, I discovered that this was not the case. Most people actually upload a nice smiley picture to give of a great first impression. I uploaded the following picture to my application as it was still very smart but a little bit of my personality came through.

I was asked to also put down emergency contact information, so just put down my mum and all her different bits and bobs.


The Long Questions

So the next section was the hardest in my opinion. We were asked two different questions which required a little bit of thought. The first question asked was;

“Why do you value cultural exchange and interaction”

Seeing as this was the Disney Cultural Exchange Program, this question was pretty important. You have to outline why culture is important to you. Talk about why you love learning about different cultures and why you love your culture as well! Also mention why you think working at Disney world would help you learn about different cultures and how you would teach others about your culture.

The next section goes on to talk about whether you have any tattoos or piercings. You have to be truthful here as it could be damaging to your application if they later find out.

You then upload your CV and you cover letter at this point. I would advise that you try and make these documents oriented to customer service and Disney as much as possible. I made a separate CV and separate cover letter to ensure that I covered these areas.

The final question they ask is;

“What is your motivation for this program”

This is the section where you are really trying to sell yourself on why you love the company. This question took me the longest to answer. I spent about a day making sure that I had included everything I wanted. You can use up to 1500 words so you can really sell yourself in this section.

And that was that! The online application was completed.

I hope that this has been helpful to you all 🙂 I am hoping to write up a few more posts on the application process so please let me know anything you might want to know!

See ya real soon !




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